Lunch offer
For lunch our Restaurant Dugi otok offers fresh and light summer dishes like salads, a cheese selection and a hot dish of the day.

Take away
Our staff will be glad to prepare a pack for you: in this case please come at the opening time in order to organize everything.

Dinner offer in our Restaurant Dugi otok

Appetizers Kuna
Bruschetta 20
Tomato and Bufala Mozzarella 60
Dalmatian Ham with Melon 75
Yellow Fin Tuna Carpaccio 95
(thinly sliced raw tuna fish)
First Course
Pasta with Sauce Bolognese 75
(tomato sauce with meat)
Spaghetti with Sea Food 110
Risotto with Shrims 120
Meat From The Grill
Roasted Pork Chop 90
Pork Cevapcici 95
Chicken Breast with Spices 95
Lamb 120
Roasted Beef Chop (On The Bone 400 gr) 130
Beef Tenderlion (200 gr.) 160
All Meat From the Grill Plates are with French Fries and Zucchini.
Fish From The Grill
Calamari 90
Fish 150
Scampi 180
Mixed Fish Plate for 2 people 290
All Fish From the Grill Plates are with Tomato Salad.
Other plates
Wienerschnitzel with French Fries 95
Fried Sea Food & Calamari with French Fries 120
“Saltimbocca alla Romana” with Potato
Wedge and Rosemary (baked beef with ham) 120
Fish with Cherry Tomatoes 140
Filet Au Poivre with French Fries 160
(Beef steak with biber)
Peka with Chicken and spiced Potato 140
(traditional plate from the Dalmatian cuisine)
Vegetarian Specials
Mixed grilled vegetables 90
Mixed cheese platter 115
Side Dish
Vegetable mix from the Oven 55
Spinach with Parmigiano Reggiano cheese 55
Potato Wedge and Rosemary 45
French Fries from Dugi Otok 25
Green Salad/Tomato Salad/ Mixed Salad 35
Gorgonia Salat (mixed vegetables and chease) 60
Panna Cotta 40
Ice Cram Sundae 45
Fruit Salad home made with Ice Cream 45